Our Recruitment Process

We conduct a Rigorous recruitment process – We accept applications from all candidates into the programme who are attracted to undertake work experience with NHS whether they have just started out but have struggled to find an entry point from their country. Such as:

  • Assessment Stage 1: Evaluating your requirements

    At this initial stage, we arrange an informal meeting with you to discuss your requirements in detail, answer any unclear questions; especially as it relates visa application, interviews, and accommodation and explain our approach and how we can help.
  • Assessment Stage 2: Resourcing proposal

    At this stage, based on your specifications and needs, we will respond quickly with a detailed resourcing proposal. This document will describe our proposed approach, the recruitment plan, the timescales for it to materialise if everything turns green and possibly précised costs for the recruitment.

  • Assessment Stage 3: Candidate sourcing and screening

    At this stage, a variety of candidate attraction initiatives mechanism is used taking into account our local to international confidential professional networks which we can access to the right candidate for our senior roles, to social media advertising campaigns such as Facebook, twitters and other SNS and attending international conferences, open days and career fairs.


    Past experience has revealed that CVs or résumé does not reflect the true picture of thins. In this case, our expert teams undertake in-depth interviews, accompanied by reference checks, to ensure that only candidates who fully meet the requirements are carefully considered for further checks.

  • Assessment Stage 4: Shortlisting and interviews

    Once we have identified a pool of potential candidates, we work with you to prepare a shortlist of credible individuals for interview who match your organisation's specific recruitment needs.


    We'll coordinate all aspects associated with the interviews including full screening, arranging travel for international candidates, and interview venues if required.

  • Assessment Stage 5: Candidate selection

    At this stage, once a candidate have been selected, the appropriate candidate(s); we’ll handle the full placement process. We'll inform candidates of the outcome and provide appropriate feedback, where applicable.


    If a candidate has been recruited internationally we will support them with travel arrangements, accommodation and induction.

  • Assessment Stage 6: Post placement review

    This final stage of the process is the most important of all. The moment the candidate is in place we offer support to ensure that they settle in quickly to their new role, and we review the whole process with you to refine any elements for future requirements.